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Over the course of my life I’ve been fortunate to travel both within and outside the United States. Those travels have given me many rich experiences: learning about others’ cultures and world views; coming to understand the universal language of compassion and love; building my resilience and ability to meet and overcome unknowns and obstacles. And although each destination, each person along the way, left a unique imprint within my heart, there has been no place that has touched my soul and changed my way of being with myself and in the world as much as my time in India. For me, this voyage is about returning to the hOMe of my heart.

Won’t you come home with me?

Weaving together a tapestry of cultures, spiritual beliefs, architectural styles and diverse landscape, India will forever touch your heart and move your soul. India celebrates one of the oldest civilizations of the world with a mosaic of deep traditions, tantalizing the senses with a complexity, dynamic beauty and profundity that will forever leave you in her embrace.

Are you ready to breathe in India’s extraordinary magic and breathe out conventional ways of being?

Experience wanderlust for your own inner landscape as we journey India together. We will traverse north and south, discovering through yoga practices, local rituals, and cultural tours the ways in which the full beauty of life is reflected in human nature. We will grow in awareness and openness as we experience India’s soulful spirituality and her raw and honest approach to living and being. Our seeking will lead us home.

Is it time to recapture your true north?

Our journey will begin in the holy city of Varanasi, known as the City of Light and birthplace of Shiva and Yoga. In Varanasi, we will take in the sights, sounds, and rituals of its soulful people and the sacred Mother Ganga (Ganges River), where Pilgrims travel to wash away their sins and Hindus hope to become liberated from the cycles of life and death. Our strolls though the world’s oldest inhabited maze-like streets capture our hearts as we lean into the city’s mystical energies and learn about the history and traditions of this holy place. The City of Light transfixes our attention while widening our awareness; we witness as life dances with both ends of the spectrum, its powerful pulse igniting our innermost flames.

Following four nights in Varanasi, we fly south to Kerala, to a serene coastal setting outlined by the Arabian Sea and glistening lake backwaters. Our first stop leads us to Kochi, the Queen of the Caribbean Sea and the point where India and China meet, providing an intriguing mix of religions, cultural influences, flavors and experiences. Here we explore the inter-play of nature and life as we more fully sense the threads that connect us together. Our final stop takes us via bus to Kumarakom, where our last two nights offer time for integration, rejuvenation and blissful peace on the shores of beautiful Vembanad Lake at a resort and spa amidst an unhurried backwater village.

Say no more. I am coming hOMe!

Trip Details

I am organizing the retreat through WeTravel.

Detailed information about the trip: accommodations, travel arrangements, what’s included in the retreat package and what’s not, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found on wetravel.com.

What’s Included

  • 11 days/10 nights accommodations in three different 5 Star properties giving you respite, luxury, fine dining & culture
  • Daily yoga & meditation experiences
  • Cultural, spiritual and inspirational excursions lead by local professional tour guides (see Itinerary for all the inclusions)
  • Daily breakfast
  • 2 group lunch experiences
  • Welcome Dinner; Closing Reception Dinner
  • Flight from Varanasi to Kochi
  • All ground transportation in India (during retreat dates); airport transport on retreat start/end dates (see trip specifics for proper airport codes and timeframes)
  • Gratuities for all group experiences/tours

International airfare to and from India must be purchased separately. Once you arrive in India, we’ll take care of the rest!

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