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Do you…

  • Suffer from “slump-asana” from sitting at a computer all day?
  • Spend a good deal of time on an electronic  device?
  • Have a career that puts a lot of demands on your shoulders (i.e., massage therapist, hairdresser, musician)?  
  • Play a sport that requires repetitive shoulder movement (i.e., baseball, tennis, swimming)?
  • Feel pain in the wrists, shoulders or neck during certain yoga postures or other daily activities?

If you answered YES to any of these, please join us for this virtual yoga workshop experience!

Prevent shoulder injuries in your yoga practice and create balanced strength and range of motion in your neck and shoulders!

Many of our Western habits tend to roll the shoulders and head forward and down, weakening the upper + middle back and shoulder muscles we rely on for everyday activities. Shoulder pain and injuries can be a common side effect and sometimes the things we try to alleviate pain or immobility  exasperates issues. This is your opportunity to learn optimal movement, cultivate stability, build strength, and improve range of motion in the neck and shoulders. 

This online event provides sensible and daily activities designed to create optimal shoulder and neck health. Workshop is beneficial for those with shoulder and/or neck non-acute injuries, such as forward or rounded shoulders, text/technology neck, herniation, disc degeneration, rotator instability or shoulder pain. Take away a better understanding of how to protect yourself in yoga and other activities, create balanced strength + ease, and more knowledge about your own body!   

What You Can Expect

Get ready for a morning of a little anatomy discussion, a look at how to move safely and optimally even for (especially for!) those with certain conditions or limitations, and a load of fun! There will be a full yoga class that embodies and integrates our discussions.  

In addition to the live workshop, participants will receive a package of handouts to support the program experience. BONUS: Your registration also gives you access to the yoga class portion of the recording for an additional week following the program.  

Do I need to know how to do yoga?

NO! This workshop is not about yoga; it’s about learning how to use movements and shapes to create better stability, resiliency, and strength. If you have a body, you can attend. And you’re in good hands… one of my gifts is the use of descriptive language, so you’ll see me modeling what we are doing and my cues will lead you safely through everything we experience. 

What if I have a condition or injury?

That’s okay so long as you have a medical release or are not prohibited from participating in what we would call ‘general exercise.’ If you have a body, you can safely attend. Let’s chat before the workshop so I can learn more about what you have going on and to ensure I tailor certain movements to meet any needs you may have (that’s the benefit of being with a yoga therapist!).

Investment $55

Register by 3/19/2021 to reserve your space.

Although this is an online workshop in a huge virtual world, attendance is limited to ensure everyone has a safe and supportive experience.


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