Here’s feedback about the program from students:

“This program opened my mind and heart to the idea that consistently showing myself love and kindness was not a self-indulgent act, but instead a necessity to becoming a better version of myself and a necessity to achieving real changes to the the things in my life I want to change.”

“I was given tools to address my feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.  Rather than dissolving into despair, or turning to un-helpful means of soothing my overwhelm and anxiety (i.e. booze, overeating, numbing out), the program helped me develop a set of (healthy) tools to use when I am overwhelmed, anxious or depressed.”

“The teaching was very logical and so relatable that I felt comfortable exploring my personal stuff—and also sharing with the group—which I found gave me a new perspective that has caused a shift in my mindset and my actions.  This program has made me nicer and more forgiving to myself, and has also given me a deeper understanding of how my mind and body react to stress.”

“I am discovering ‘the self’ that was buried under so many layers and years of not understanding and being true to myself.  I can now say “I love you” to myself. I am proud of the work I have done and am grateful this program showed up in my inbox when it did.”

“I learned the importance of approaching goals in a more organized and realistic manner. Also that in order to achieve a goal, one has to understand the conditioning that has prevented forward movement. Learning to shift one’s way of thinking or being is a huge challenge. I believe that tools and support provided will continue to assist me on the journey.”

“I came to this experience with no expectations – and it blew me away. It’s a LOT of challenging work, coming up against really uncomfortable things at times.”