Refund Policies

It can be a little tricky to guarantee someone’s experience. That said, I want you to leave our interaction feeling good about things. Please refer to the information below regarding refund policies.  

Zoom group events hosted by Tra Kirkpatrick/Soulstice Healing Arts

 Includes NOURISH classes and workshops. You can receive a 100% credit for a future class or event so long as you cancel 24 hours before the event. (Don’t worry, I get that there are emergencies. Let’s chat!). 

Private Sessions

Includes Yoga Therapy + Life Coaching + Mentoring. Generally speaking there are no refunds on single sessions and no refunds or pro-rated refunds for package purchases. If things are amiss, let me know within 3 days of your experience so we can make things better. In the event of unforeseen or emergency situations, you may be eligible to receive a pro-rated refund on packages. To request a refund review, please email me at with the word REFUND in the subject.   

On Demand Library 

You may cancel your on-demand subscription at any time. The charge for the library is monthly so plan your cancellation with your billing cycle’s end if possible. There are no refunds or pro-rated refunds for cancellations.   

Events hosted by partner studios

Includes classes, workshops, trainings that are registered for through and hosted by partner studios/venues. Please refer to that organization’s  refund policy. 


Retreats are extra special so each has its own terms and conditions and refund policies. These policies are outlined on the individual retreat website pages and during the registration process for that retreat.


There may be other certain offerings that require their own terms and conditions and refund policies. In such cases the information will be offered  and during the registration process. 

In the event you need to discuss a credit or refund for a purchase, please reach out to me at or 404.217.7453.