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Improve function, health and sense of well-being with private Yoga Therapy sessions.
By tapping into this individualized and holistic approach you can:

  • Build resiliency, stability + strength in body and mind;
  • Create greater fluidity in movement and thoughts;
  • Enhance your sense of integration and wholeness.
YOga Therapy with Tra Kirkpatrick her tatoo
Icon Body in Motion

A body in motion stays in motion.

Yoga Therapy has been shown to improve physical strength and balance, range of motion, physiological function, and pliancy. Following Newton’s 1st and 2nd Laws of Motion, we know movement is the foundation for a body that is strong, resilient, and mobile. Whether you are recovering from injury or illness, suffering from a neurological disorder or chronic pain, or seeking a method for aging well and maintaining vitality, Yoga Therapy provides a framework for meeting each person’s abilities, limitations, and needs.

Icon Your biography becomes your biology

Your biography becomes your biology.

This quote from Caroline Myss, Ph.D., pioneer of energy healing and author, perfectly summarizes the connection between the body and mind. Similarly, according to Yoga traditions, the body and mind are one integrated system. As such, Yoga employs practices that work bi-directionally between the body and mind (known as bottom-up and top-down approaches). This unified framework promotes emotional balance, mood regulation, and helps reduce the ill-effects of stress and anxiety on the body.

Icon Integration-mind-body-spirit

True health + vitality are functions of integration between body, mind + spirit.

There are life experiences that can foster feelings of disconnection, uncertainty, discontent. Yet we can learn how to navigate the more challenging encounters without losing our center. Congruent with Aristotle’s Eudaemonic well-being, Yoga Therapy philosophies operate under the premise that people feel steadfast happiness when they experience purpose, meaning, and self-realization. The mechanisms of Yoga Therapy encourage awareness of one’s values, belief systems, perceptions, behaviors, and relationships in order for individuals to cultivate a greater sense of connection and deeper feelings of contentment.

Icon No parts only whole

There are no parts, only the whole.

The wisdom teachings of Yoga were originally handed from one teacher to one student and practiced to harmonize the body-mind connection and create union with the divine. These technologies provided specific means to cultivate discernment, self-regulate, grow self-awareness, and come into a space of higher consciousness. As an ancient modality that continues to prove its benefits, Yoga’s origins of self-observance and self-realization are the framework for Yoga Therapy’s applications today.

Yoga Therapy is an evidence-based and holistic approach to various physical and mental health issues.

Integrating traditional Yoga teachings with Western medical and psychological knowledge, Yoga Therapy specifically addresses nervous system regulation, restores vitality, improves attitude, and elevates harmony in living. With Yoga Therapy sessions, individuals learn how to assimilate the philosophies, principles, and holistic lifestyle into their own lives.  

Yoga Therapy can help you… 

  • alleviate or reduce chronic pain
  • build physical strength + mobility subsequent to surgery
  • return to full or normal function following injuries 
  • overcome burnout, emotional fatigue, uncertainty 
  • reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • improve the quality of relationships 
  • enhance sleep quality and feel more well-rested 
  • raise energy and increase vitality 
  • deepen feelings of connection and joy 

Yoga Therapy is different than Yoga because…

Yoga Therapy is not about the Yoga techniques themselves, but rather the application of the techniques to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for the individual. A Yoga teacher will provide you with information about Yoga’s tools whereas a Yoga Therapist will teach you how to use those tools to reduce pain and suffering and optimize well-being.  

Learn how to use the healing powers of Yoga in your own life.

Let’s walk the path together!


Yoga Therapy is both a process and a relationship in which two people exchange energy. Part of the energetic exchange includes payment. Invest in yourself today: 

Initial session $150
(70-80 minutes)

Follow-up session $125
(50-60 minutes)

Annual package $1200
(paid in full: 12 sessions to be used within 12 months; no refunds, pro-rates or extensions)

All sessions can be held in person (Atlanta locals) or via Zoom (anyone). 

Inquire regarding in-home visitation options and pricing.

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Tra’s knowledge about the body and understanding of my conditions helped me get off of my medications and live without chronic back pain.

I started working with Tra over 10 years ago due to severe back and hip pain that had not been resolved through traditional medical interventions. I’ve continued to work with her after a complete tear and dislocation of my right rotator cuff, an ankle break and surgery, and left shoulder injuries).

Tra not only helped my body become fully functional again, but her quiet support and presence also got me through the unexpected deaths of my two sisters and taught me how to feel a sense of peace even when life is challenging. At 70+ years of age, I am still active, fully functioning, and live with greater peace and contentment thanks to partnering with Tra!

Dr. D. Ura

Tra is a delightful and talented yoga therapist, who communicates in a relaxed and very efficient style.

I was interested in finding a program that would get me unstuck from a sedentary lifestyle and that would also be helpful in dealing with Parkinson’s disease. Since starting yoga therapy with Tra in 2017, I have significant improvement in my balance. We also used yoga therapy to prepare for hip replacement surgery then to regain fuller mobility and function post-operation and physical therapy. Tra is a delightful and talented yoga therapist who knows her field and communicates in a relaxed and very efficient style. I have learned a lot from her.

Fred G